Dr. Pranav Nirmalbhai Shah
Dr. Suhani P. Shah
Dental Caries
Dental Caries is a disease of tooth. Tooth has Layers-namely Enamel, Routin and pulp. Pulp is the live part of the tooth. During dental decay enamel is destroyed first,Then Routin is destroyed and later pulp is destroyed and diseases spreads to Roots of the tooth.

Symptomps and sign of Dental Caries (Decay)
• Black spot on the teeth.
• Sensitive to Sweet, Cold or hot food.
• Pain while chewing.
• Food collection between two teeth.
• Hole in the teeth.

Cause of Dental Caries (Decay)
• Sweet and Sticky Food » Sweet and Sticky food produce Acid and this acid causes destruction of Dent decay. Bacterias also play important role in producing acid to came in fraction.
• Plaque Acidogemic » Plaque contain acidrodressing bacyeria and the becteria cause decay by producing acid.
• Croocked teeth can not be rebond properly hence plaque collection is always on the teeth.

Treatment of Dental Caries (Decay)
• Silver Restoration.
• Composite tooth colored.
• Root canal tratment.
• Metal Cap
• Golden, Nickle Chrome, cobalt, Ceramic cap, Metal free ceramic.