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How it looks and how you come to know about it?
  • Black/brown spots on tooth or cavity
  • Pain on having hot/cold/sweet food
  • Pain & discomfort on chewing
  • Food lodgement in between teeth
Why it Occurs

Sweet & sticky food mainly

Acid production and bacterial attack

Gradual destruction of tooth material

Cavity(continuously progressive)


1) If decay is superficial (In Enamel & Dentin):

Your decayed part of tooth is cleares out by removing decay & artificial filling material is placed to secure the tooth

2) If decay is deep (Extending in to pulp) Root canal Treatment Read More Need To Be Done

3) If infection spread beyond tooth in the bone (Periapical Infection)

Tooth may not be able to survive for longer time & chances of spreading infection to adjacent tooth & bone so Removal of that tooth is advisable as a Permanent Solution.