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Missing Tooth & Its Replacement

There Are Four Method Of Missing Tooth Replacement
1) Implant Supported Fixed Teeth


  • You have good quality & amount of bone
  • You are medically healthy
  • You have no habits of smoking/tobacco
  • Affordable to you
2) Fixed Bridge


  • You have support of both side adjacent teeth
  • Adjacent teeth are firm & in good condition
  • You are suffering from medical illness
  • You have addictions
  • No age restrictions
3) Removable Dentures


  • You don't have teeth in mouth/you don't have teeth in a good condition to take support
  • Old age
  • No other option of replacement is favourable
4) Precision attachment
  • Precision Attachments are special attachments used for the perfect fit of removable partial dentures.
  • The attachment prosthesis consists  a combination of permanently fixed and removable denture. (semi fixed denture).
  • Removable partial dentures with precision attachments are used for treating terminally involved dental arches where posterior teeth for support are not present..
  • It uses a double tilt retention mechanism thus preventing gravitational and muscular forces from dislodging the partial denture during function.


  • Space saving hind of dentures
  • Economic alternative to Implants
  • No metal clasp
  • Semi fixed
  • Perfect fit
  • The double tilt retention mechanism prevent gravitational and muscular forces from dislodging the partial denture during function.
  • For treating terminally involved dental arches with a minimum of 7mm clearance between upper and lower ridge.
What if you don't replace missing tooth?
  • Supra eruption of opposite tooth(as there is no counter part)
  • Food lodgement/food wedging due to that(results in decay after long time)
  • Tilting of adjacent teeth in effort to close the space of missing tooth(results in damage to gum,bone and adjacent structures)
  • If gum recession occur,sensitivity takes place in supra eruted tooth.
  • Advise: you should replace the missing tooth within 21 days to 1month(max. 3 to 6 months)after its removal.

Benefits of replacement of missing tooth

  • Improved efficiency of chewing
  • Maintaining the level of occlusion & therefore balancing on both sides.
  • Maintainance of bone level(if replaced by implants)
  • Improved esthetics