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Root Canal Treatment (Painless)

  • When the nerve of your tooth is diseased or injured and unable to repair itself, the nerve usually dies. The common causes of nerve death are fracture or a deep cavity that exposes the nerve to bacteria, which causes the nerve to die. A root canal is a way to save the tooth if your nerve becomes infected by a cavity or exposed due to fracture
Here is what typically occurs when performing a root canal :
  • Step : 1
    We are proud to say that we have developed a special technique for giving an injection,in that we first anesthetize the top layer of skin with latest spray so that you will NOT FEEL ANY TYPE OF PAIN OR DISCOMFORT, and your fear of dental treatment will completely go. After the tooth is anesthetized, we remove the decay from the tooth. This exposes the root canal an
  • Step : 2
    without any pain or discomfort, we clean the damaged nerve and enlarge the root canal by carefully cleansing it with LATEST ROTARY FILES. This process gives us a predictable way to ensure that the infected nerve has been completely cleaned.
  • Step : 3
    Once the root canal has been cleaned and disinfected, it is filled and sealed properly.
The root canal treatment is now complete.
  • However, your tooth still needs to be restored to its normal function and appearance.
  • We, at Arham Dental Clinic, by root canal treatment, can safely and comfortably save your tooth that otherwise would have to be removed.
  • A crown must be placed on a tooth with a root canal due to the fact that the tooth no longer is receiving nutrients/blood supply and it has been weakened by a large cavity. The tooth will become brittle over time making it more susceptible to fracture. Remember, a healthy restored tooth is always better than an artificial one.