Dr. Pranav Nirmalbhai Shah
Dr. Suhani P. Shah
1. Arham Dental clinic is very near to my home,situated at the prime location of Jaydeep tower…I had a severe pain in my back teeth since 2days & for that I went there & met Dr.pranav..He did my check up nicely and explain me the problem and the treatment for that..that is R.C.T..He did my treatment wonderfully…it was a painless procedure and I m completely fine now and able to eat everything properly..very nice experience luckily..!!!
Mr.Shivaji Phulsundaram
2. I went to arham dental clinic as all my teeth were shaking and I was not able to chew properly…Dr.pranav advised me to extact all my teeth which were weak and shaking..He removed my teeth and believe me I didn't experience any pain at any seating..!! then he prepared complete denture for me and now I am totally adjusted with the denture and able to chew nicely..He is very humble and co-operative doctor I must say…
Mrs. Jyotiben khokhani
3. I wanted to get my teeth clean and for that I went to Arham dental clinic.. Dr.Suhani explained me the procedure first and then did my teeth cleaning and polishing nicely..She is very calm and cool doctor and very friendly in nature..I recommend my friends and relatives to visit her if any dental problem occurs..
Miss Purvi Trivedi
4. My teeth were grayish in colour and very uneven so I wanted to improve my smile..I visited arham dental clinic..i was little hesitated to go to any dentist first but after consultation with Dr.Pranav and Dr.suhani,I made up my mind to go for smile makeover..Dr.suhani gave me a new smile..A beautiful smile..I am thankful to her as she reduces my hesitation & fear & created very good smile for me..
Mr. Pankaj Suri
5. I went to Arham dental with my mother who had a problem of pain while chewing..We saw very neat and clean dental clinic and they had many modern type of equipments..so we decided to undergone for RCT,did by Dr.pranav..My mother was very much scared of dental treatment but Dr. made her comfortable and did the treatment painlessly…I recommend all my relatives to visit him if at all any dental treatment is required..
Mr. Darshil Bhatnagar