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Oral Cancer

Why it occurs?
  • Habit of tobacco/betal nut/any tobacco product chewing and keeping it in any part of mouth for a longer period of time (cause damage to oral mucosa/oral skin).
  • Habit of smoking so many cigarettes/bidi in a day since long.
  • Continuous irritation to oral skin due to sharp edges of teeth. Along with any of these habits,if your body's (resistance power) immunity is not up to the mark due to any medical illness or any other reason, leads to oral cancer.
Warning signs/how it looks like
  • Non healing ulcers since a long time.
  • White/grey patches in the oral skin with some burning sensation.
  • Sometimes swelling and bleeding associated with that.
  • Restricted mouth opening.
  • Overall weight loss and fatigue.
Our campaign for patients who wants to quit tobacco/smoking
Diagnosis: by clinical examination, Biopsy report, FNAC(sometimes)
According to the stage of oral cancer and pattern
1) Surgical removal
2) Radiation
3) Chemotherapy
Treatment for tobacco damaged/stained teeth
  • Scaling and polishing /teeth whitening.
  • Full mouth crowns/rehabilitation to protect the tobacco damaged tooth surfaces.