Dr. Pranav Nirmalbhai Shah
Dr. Suhani P. Shah
Removable Complete / Particular Denture
Removable Complete Denture

Sometimes due to periodontal diseases, dentist has to removed all the natural teeth, and in such case complete upper and lower denture is to prepared for the patient. If denture is not prepared there is problem of (1) Indigestion (2) Speech (3) Personality. It takes sometime to adjust to the new denture, and once it is adjusted patient can comfortably chew, and has clear speech.

Fixed Bridge

After extraction of one or more teeth, fixed bridge can be prepared by taking support of two adjoining firm teeth, and teeth bridge with replacing missing length can be prepared. This remains fixed in the mouth and need not be removed while brushing. Teeth on both the side are cut and they are made into one and artificial teeth are insirted.

Removable Partial Denture

Sometimes the teeth are removed either due to periodontal diseases or due to dental caries, under the circumstances the space created by extraction of tooth,needs to filled up by either removable or by fixed appriance.

Removable partial denture replaces all the teeth which are missing.Removable partial denture is made up of either by plastic or by metal. The only disadvantage is it requires to be removed at least once a day for cleaning.