Dr. Pranav Nirmalbhai Shah
Dr. Suhani P. Shah
During last few years there is tremendous progress in Dental science and latest technology included in dental treatment is placement of implants in the jaw bones. Whent the tooth is exhausted it requires replacement. This replacement can be done either with removable partial denture or with fixed bridges. now additional method of replacement has been added and that is implants.

In important surgery,screws of appropriate length and diameter is placed in the space created by extracted tooth. This screw work as the root of the tooth. This screw remains in mouth for many years. For about three months screw remains the jaw bones and once it becomes firm in the bone, the tooth is works as unhard tooth.

Implant placement can not be done in patients having systemic diseases like Diabetes,or High Blood pressure.

1. Implant Supported Crown with bridges

Single Implant Bridges with crown
Multiple Implant with crown and bridges
Full mouth rehabiliation with fixed and removable